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hello everyone. i fel like absolute shit today. our party thing didnt work out cuse no one came so we decided to go to a party that beckys co workers werehaving. let me tell you what. we were the only strait people there. everyone was ither in drag or dominatrix and slave. since i didnt know anyone i was shy and got really drunk really fast. the techno was way to loud. ive never been surrounded by so many sluts in my life. it was definetly an intersting night.
dri is tonight which should be fun. our rent is due today and we have the money to pay it. i still havent found a job but i hope i will soon. its really hard. i ws going to due this medical experiament thing to make a few hundred dollars towards next months rent in case i dont find work in time, but who knows what the due to you. well im going to go. i hope everyone had a good halloween. later
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November 4 2002, 16:16:54 UTC 14 years ago

Hey Rodger...... I miss you guys! Hey, if you run into a squatter by the name of HATRED, PLEASE tell him I'm in SF and hoping to see him. I heard he was in Seattle. I would love to talk to you two....... are you getting a phone at any point? Tomorrrow my resume is getting printed, and I'll hopefully be getting a job. I'm hoping to work at this one place right on Haight and ashbury...... well, let me know how you 2 r doing. Miss ya

BTW: met this kid Josh that knows you 2. He stayed at the flop house a year ago, but he knows u 2 from Brattleboro. Thought I'd tell ya