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whats goin on everyone. things here arent going so well. becky and myself are doing fine, snoopy is in heat.(her pussy the size of a golf ball, its really gross). i only say things arent going good cause no one will give me a job. i have my eye on this place in the university district called off the wall. its a head shop were the chicks that work there are really cool and you get paid to sit on your ass and listen to slayer. i geuss though that the boss is this dumb feminest hippie who doesnt like to hire guys. (slut).
i really miss everyone. if things dont pick up soon iom going to start to wish i was back there. im glad to here that everyone is doin good for them selves and that jennie and dave are back.
i thnk kiowas going to come and visit this christmas. since bekkeys goin to you guys and i dont celebrate, i wont have anything to do. im hoping i have a job before then so ican entertain him. maybe have a party or go bar hoppin or somthing
to doug and rennie. im sorry we havent returned yur calls. things have been crazy here and i havent really felt like talking to anyone
a big thumbs up too shayne for taking care of bussiness at the show. it really pissed us off when i heard what had happened to stacy. i hate stupid hardcore kids and i hate the way they dance.
well im going to go look for a job AGIAN, maybe ill have more luck today. much love to adolpho, stacy, shayne (and there little yegeirmonster), jennie and dave, doug and rennie, leah, oriana, steven, thomas and the stench crew, and anyone else i might have missed. we love you guys and miss you very much

ps; what is adolpho's tattoo and how is thomases tattoo
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