reelbigfeeling (reelbigfeeling) wrote,

oh mama

so i think i might have a job at the bagel place in the university district. its for the same company i worked for here and in florida. my old boss from the seattle store clled them and told them to excpect me and to hire me before i even new there was a store in the university district. the suspence is killing me .
i would like to know ... how many people are livng at shaynes house. the only reason i ask is that you (steven) seem pretty p[issed off at the fact that stacy wants you to pay rent. and since you wont she is bitching at you. maybe you and anyone else that is there (except for adolpho since he is the only one with some sense of responsibility besides shayne) should think about the fact that there having a baby. i dont know if everyone is going to take advantage of them like we all did last winter, but if you are , its extremely selfish and really fucked up. i dont think there should be anyone except shayne stacy and adolpho there in the first place. just because none of us can get off our asses long enoupgh to take care of our selves because were selfish orlazy or immature or whatever, that deosnt mean that they should have to take care of anyone but them selves and that buetiful little mnonster that is coming. i feel like i shouldnt even be saying that cause im not there and i dont knoe what is gong on, but if i find out that anyone is taking advantage of them as in trying too turn that place into a flop house, i will come there and help stacy kick some ass. i mean come on now. there is a baby at stake here and that is what matters. just because no one took the time to get them selves together for the winter, doesnt mean you can just mopve in on shayne cause hes responsible enouph to handle his bussiness. im sorry but i just have a feeling that everyone is going to take advantage of shayne cause we all know shayne is the sweetest gut and will do anytrhing to help his freinds.
in other news yesterday night i my wallet was stolen and i got robbed for 1.60.
can you fuckin beleive that. i didnt get hurt or anything, but it was really scarry. it was right out in the open and no one did a damn thing to help. it was really fucked up.
well im going to rescue snoopy and take her to the park so ill talk to everyone later.
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