reelbigfeeling (reelbigfeeling) wrote,

so we got webtv

...but we dont have keyboard yet so wehave to doit by how is everyone? ifinallyfound a job at at resturant washingdishesandpreppingfood.istead oftist justcallus2063286512
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YAY!! a new job... Geezus you need a key board... i guess webtv is cool but kinda annoying.. you really can't keep files or download lots of stuff.... but hey it's better than nothing.. i remeber i had a internet service for our playstation when i lived with my cousin.. it was wicked expensive LOL... oh well..
anyways how is everything.. i hear jessyka and becky are getting married.. it was expected.. :)

well i miss you rodger.. and i can't wait to see you again...
you wanna marry me??