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the shnozberries taste like shnozberries!

what the hell. things are really starting to piss me off. i went for like my hunderth job interveiw and when i talked to the guy he was all " let me get your application", then he came out( without the application ) and said they werent hiring. i know they are cause there have been people in and out of there looking for jobs and there hiring for every position. (i think its becuase im black)
i thik if i dont find a job im going to go nuts. in ordr to make the rent this month i have to ask my mom to loan me some money, nd there is nothing i hate more than asking my parents for money.
bekkeys birthday is this weekend and all i could get her was a stupid gbh patch and a lousy iron maiden pin. im quite upset that i cant take her to the record store and let her go apeshit which was my original plan before i lost my job.didnt help that this morning we woke up to a box the post man left with like 20 gifts from her mom for her to open. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!
im getting alittle homesick and im really wanting to smoke. where the hell is richard damnit.someone tell him hi when they see him.
its starting to get cold here, though it hasnt rained at all. i reallymiss you guys. i dont like not having any freinds here(steven i to am getting really lonely).
well i think im done writing at the moment. i hop everyone is being good and having fun. we miss you all so very much. later
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