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hello my sexy minions. it pretty early but i just couldnt sit inside all day. it raining pretty hard outside (hehe HARD). last night we took a freind of beckies to the airport so she go home to virginia for a week r somthing.she gave us a thank you card and 15 bucks(very sweet of her), so we went and got stuff to make nachos. we found out that anti cheese deosnt melt.
last night the rain was erking snoopy and and her gargantion twat. bekkey was all paranoid and out of nowhere snoopy starts barking all loud. bekkey screamed like a little girl right in my ear which caused me to scream like a little girl. it was pretty funny.
bekkey and carter got this guy to interview for counter help at this little whole in the wall greek restauruant. ill know by monday what the deal is, even though its only 10 to 12 hous a week, its a start.and ill be able to keep up my half of the rent.
i wish that i had more to talk about and more to do today. i cant think of a damn thing. ill probably just go home and drink coffee and watch the news as always.
theres this diner downtown. all the kids that work there are all punked out and the service is really shity. i miss having diner dates with everyone. we dont yet have anyone to go to the diner with. i miss staying up till 2 in the morning drinking coffee with adolpho and stacy nd shayne and jessica and everyone else, then haing to stay up even later till the coffee wheres off. everyone should come out here just to go to the diner with you all and see you later
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