reelbigfeeling (reelbigfeeling) wrote,

officer freindly says get on your knees and show me you love me

so i woke up tpday in an ok mood. i had a job interveiw at a place called world wraps. got dressed and shavd and made my self look all pretty, only to step outside and find our car towed. it cost 150.00 dollars to get it out. this is like the 12th time that its happened. im sick of having a car. i want to sell it but bekkey wants to keep it.
we get to the tow [place and the car has been ransacked. everything in the glove box was spread oiut and there was beer cans in the back. i have know i dea what happened someone went into our car hoping to fgind whatever it is the were looking for. un fuckin beleivable
adolpho, did you write that whole thing your self. you go girl. its quite disgusting. thats what the majority of people out here are working to stop. it feels good to be a part of it. we have to fucking stop them.
i hadf a dream last night that adolpho leah, shayne and stacy, kiowa, richard and dustin and becky were all in our apartment for a dinner party that i had thrown. it was really cool. i think im going to do thast as soon as i get some money i can spend. i miss cooking for everyone and having nice conversations over a good meal. see you all later
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