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gwar is tonight.

hello everyone, im now on this live journal thing. i already know the majority of you. ive been procrastinating on this whole live journal thing, but im here now. so GWAR is tonight, its going to be awesome. i just saw this very show in florida and it was a blast, thoygh i think ill enjoy it more this time for i am with a group of freinds that im very close to. we should all have a blast. im not doing much with myself which is a bad thing i guess, but i think everything will be allright. im hoping to find some work tommorrow, for that is real imprtrant.
i hung out with crystal and mike last night(mike is so cool). i find that when i do my motivation to go live in the city goes absolutly haywire. once i get a job, it wont be hard to keep my focus, and before you know it,OH YEAH, IM IN THE CITY. INEED TO SEE THEM AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH TO KEEP MOTIVATED, I THINK ITS TIME WE ALL GOT OFF OUR ASSSES AND STARTED FUCKIN SHIT Up( but thats just my opinion, and i could be wrong.)
well i hope you all have a great day(and if your going to gwar, ill see you there).
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