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mymymy, this fruit paste is delicious

ok, apperently my opinoin there kinda got everyone a littl worked up so let me do some clarifying. i wasnt talking about anyone specifically. ussually when some takes offense to a general statement it indacates giult for some reason. when i said respoonsibility. i was talking about shayne cause, well hes responsible. im not sure why what i said has everyone at eachothewrs throats, honestly i dont care. saying that stacy got shayne to knock her up so she could live free is a horrible thing to say. yoy know damn well thats not true. besides rennie, i honestly wasnt reffering to you in any way. just cause its on live journal doesnt mean its about anyone specifically. you should feel horrible for saying that about her. it was just plain mean. shayne and stacy having a baby is not stupid or idiotic if thats what they decided they wanted to do. i dont see how its anyone bussiness, hence the reason i wrote what i wrote in the first [place. it doesnt matter how many jobs someone could have or whos house your living, talking shit about your friends cause of something i said that didnt have anything to do with you doesnt make you an adult, it makes you dramatic and io thought we were all adults here.
so in a nutshell, i didnt mean for anyone to get pissed at what i siad and if one did its there problem. i still think that everyone needs to respect shayne and stacys desision and not invade there space.
so im driving in queen anne ave. and i find out that my old store is also hiring. im not sure if therepissed at me for leaving the way that i did ,last year but im ghoing to try and get my job back there too. i so need a job. wish me luck. love you guys.
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