reelbigfeeling (reelbigfeeling) wrote,

what is it about not having a job that makes me have to crap

ooooooooooooooooooooohhh boy, so we went job hunting agian to day, but it was to no avial. at least i filled out some apps and you never know. i found the goodwill here in seattle. its the biggest one ive ever seen. i got this black jean jacvket that is really cool. i also found a sega genisis and cd with all of the part excvept for one there with all of these really cool games, i think im going to buy it tommorrow if they have the missing part in. i found coolest birthday present for bekkey, but you cant tell anyone. it turns out that you can send money to nasa and together with airtraffic red (ussr). you can buy a star. it reel cheap and they give you directions and astar chart for what ever hemesphere you in to find it. i thought was pretty sweet, i have too go now. dont say anything all those who know us. much love.

ps i dont thionk you got it so ill say agian. sorry rennie
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