reelbigfeeling (reelbigfeeling) wrote,

what the hell is going on peoples

hello everyone, im having trouble figuringout this thing so youll have to bear with me. thing are going good forus here i guess. it really hard to find work. its still a wonderful place and since we live in the middle of everything, its all the more interesting. i miss yous guys alot and wish i could hang oout. but i guess we cant stay in woodstock forever. so how is everyone. by everyone i mean stacy, shayne, steven, leah, adolfo, oriana, rennie doug, jessica, you know everyone.
when was the last time anyone spoke to jenny and dave. i think they hate us or somthing. i know why they do but its not ourfault. but im not gong to get into it unless i know for sure. bekkey isnt here buit she misses you guys too and cant wait to see you all(shes coming home for christmas).
i cant think of anythnng to write and i suppose i should go rescue snoopy anyways, love you all and talk toi you all later.

ps:easy there rennie, dont do anything youll regret.
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